Welcome to the Foster Research Group Website!

Our interests…

… lie at the interface between supramolecular chemistry and nanomaterials. By understanding how to design molecular building blocks which can self-assemble to create nano-structured materials we aim to open up new applications not possible with conventional materials.

Metal-organic materials combine the tunability of organic ligands with the unique properties of metals, which enable us to specifically design new materials with desired properties in mind. Our current research is focused on the development of a new class of graphene-like two-dimensional nano-materials called metal-organic nanosheets (MONs).


Structure of a layered metal-organic framework (left); scanning electron (centre) and atomic force (right) micrographs of MONs.

Our research is…

… intrinsically multi-disciplinary and collaborative. Projects within our group span organic, inorganic and nanomaterials synthesis, solid- and solution-state characterisation, diffraction, spectroscopy, and microscopy.

We’re interested in creating new types of sensors, catalysts, membranes, composite materials and electronic devices. This leads us to collaborate extensively with industrial and academic partners across disciplines and around the world.

Within these pages…

… you will find information regarding recent news such as achievements, awards and conference attendances. You can meet our group members, our research areas and our past publications. Check out the research pages in particular to get a more in-depth feel for what our work involves. If you’re interested in hearing even more, don’t hesitate to contact us!