‘Tis the Season, for Conferences!

Christmas conference season has been in full swing, and members of the Foster group have been travelling all over the country to talk about their research.

Kezia’s talk at Solar Fuels Network UK and Solar Energy joint meeting

On December 10th, Kezia was selected for a talk at the Solar Fuels Network UK and Solar Energy joint meeting, sponsored by the Supersolar hub held at Imperial College London. She presented to a group of experts on photovoltaics, and enjoyed discussing the potential of MONs in the future of organic electronics with them.

Josh, speaking at SSCG 2019

Josh and Mike travelled west to the University of Liverpool, where they attended the 39th RSC Solid State Chemistry Group meeting, from the 16th-17th. Josh presented his talk on the functionalisation of MONs for use in multi-step catalysis applications. Meanwhile, Mike enjoyed the multiple lunch buffets at hand. At the same time, Jona travelled down to Kent for this years RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry group meeting, where he got the chance to catch up with old friends, and talk about all of our research!

Jona catching up with current/former members of the Nitschke group at MASC 2019
(Credit to Larissa von Krbek for the great photo!)

Finally, merry Christmas and happy holidays from everyone in the Foster group!

Fostermas 2019: We’re Terrible at Pool

This year the group celebrated Christmas in a very traditional way, with a curry.

Fostermas kicked off with the opening of secret santa presents, where Joel’s poor choice in football club was made abundantaly clear. Freya got the gift she was wishing for, as Santa replaced the second drinking vessel she’d broken this year!

Everyone’s secret Santa presents in one

We then made our way to the Rajput for curries, and some questionable discussions on all things television, from University Challenge to Geordie Shore.

We finished up with a few games of pool at the Springvale Tav, and the only conclusion to be made was that chemists aren’t particularly good with angles!

Doctor Dave is in the House

The Foster group celebrated it’s first successful viva on Monday, as Dave successfully defended his thesis titled “Design, Synthesis and Applications of Copper Paddle-wheel Based Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets”.

The group then celebrated with some champagne and Dave’s favourite food, copious amounts of cake!

Dave will now begin a 12 month post-doc with Jona, in which he will be working on the scale up of some of our MON systems.

Well done Dr Ashworth!